Richard West

Motivational Speaker

speech (spēch) n. [<OE. sp(r)ecan, speak]

1. The act of speaking 2. The power or ability to speak 3. The manner of speaking 4.what is spoken 5. A talk given to an audience 6. The language used by a certain group of people

We would like to thank for you for a great inspirational talk in Istanbul. We heard a lot of positive feedback from everyone and it was very good to tie up the F1 topic and our objectives, so many thanks

Nadeem Zaman, Eurasia Africa Group Sparkling Marketing Director, Coca Cola Africa and Middle East

Your impact on our managers was profound and thoroughly reinforced all of the key messages we wanted to get across. Thank you for listening to us and for shaping your presentations to complement what you heard. A great way to work and hugely collaborative. You walk the talk. Brilliant!!

Andy Woolgar, Vice President,
Group Projects and Operations, Subsea7

Many thanks for coming to speak at our event. Not only did you nail the messages, but you also entertained, informed and rejuvenated a tired audience to the point where I must have spent 90% of my evening talking about both you and F1 with my colleagues! I am sure you’ll be glad to hear the feedback was universally positive. Ordinarily I’d like to offer some constructive criticism, but I did not hear a word of anything other than praise all night

Ed Hoyland, IBM UK,
Maintenance and Technical Support (MTS)

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