Richard West

Event Host and Facilitator

compère (kom´pāər) n. [Fr., godfather]

1. A master of ceremonies, to act as a compère

host n.

1. A man who entertains guests

facilitate (fə sil´ ə tāt´) vt. -tat´ ed, -tat´ -ing

1. To make easy or easier - facil´ita’tion n.

Richard as ever, you are the consummate professional and I could not fault you. You bring so much professionalism, charisma and style to the conference, so thank you

Jack Sharkey , Chairman of The Catering Equipment Distributors Association

Thank you for all of your inputs to the event. Sincere thanks must go to you for rising to such a challenge with such little lead time. Your facilitating was a huge part of the overall success of the event

Claire Ward – Mirage Events

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